AspenTechOn April 16, 2015, CO-LaN Management Board has reviewed the requests for Consultancy Services received following the call for requests issued at the beginning of 2015. CO-LaN is pleased to announce that the request made by AspenTech has been selected for funding. Aspentech is seeking testing on a new CAPE-OPEN interface implementation in Aspen Plus V9. CO-LaN will fund up to 80 man-hours of consultancy work by Michel Pons Technologie in order to complete this project by the end of 2016.

Michel Pons Technologie is contracted by CO-LaN to provide services such as the role of Technology Officer for the organization. In 2012 Michel Pons Technologie has gained much experience in performing interoperability tests between a large number of PMEs and PMCs. This experience will be put to work for Aspentech.