The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and the Interoperability Special Interest Group will hold a joint meeting on July 16, 2018 at 9 pm Central European Time.


  • Versioning of CAPE-OPEN

As of now CAPE-OPEN is presented in two versions 1.0 and 1.1. New business specifications are in the making (Flowsheeet Monitoring, revised Chemical Reaction Package, Custom Data) plus revised designs of common interfaces (Parameter, Persistence, Error handling) are coming out of the COBIA project. From the COBIA IDL, a COM IDL can be derived through the tools delivered by Phase II of the COBIA project. This situation presents an issue in terms of versioning of the CAPE-OPEN standard. Also an number of Errata & Clarifications documents have been issued with respect to interface specification documents. The corresponding interface specification documents have not, for most of them, been yet updated consequently. How updates of interface specification documents should be versioned?

  • COBIA testing strategy

COBIA middleware is going to be used in commercially released PMEs and PMCs. CO-LaN must insure that a suitable testing strategy ensures the necessary quality of COBIA.

  • Certification process

A Certification Special Interest Group is being defined within CO-LaN. Its positioning with respect to the Interoperability SIG and to the Methods & Tools SIG needs to be prepared.