CO-LaN Management Board held its regular monthly meeting from 2 pm till 3:30 pm GMT.



Peter MAUER (representing BASF), Mick LEE (representing BP), Oliver KOCH (representing Linde Engineering), Richard BAUR (representing Shell), Michel Pons Technologie (Contractor represented by Michel PONS), Stenhouse Simulations Ltd (Contractor represented by Bryn STENHOUSE)

Apologies of absence were received from Philippe ARPENTINER (representing Air Liquide) and from Isaiah HUANG (representing DOW)


Certification: the proposal was reviewed, a list of modifications made and a new version will be developed by Oliver KOCH with the target of presenting at the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting.

Renewal of contract with Michael HALLORAN was approved by all the present Board Members.

Dates for the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting were defined as October 12-13, 2017 and the location as BP at Sunbury-on-Thames. Actions defined on circulating the information and on developing the registration form

Next meeting is scheduled for August 17, 2017.