From 9 am till 4 pm British Standard Time, location: BP offices at Sunbury-on-Thames, United Kingdom

Attendees: Air Liquide (represented by Philippe ARPENTINIER), BASF (represented by Peter MAUER), BP (represented by Malcolm WOODMAN), DOW (represented by Isaiah HUANG), Linde (represented by Oliver KOCH), Shell (represented by Richard BAUR), Bryn STENHOUSE, Michel PONS


Self-certification: presentation of Linde’s viewpoint by Oliver KOCH – action: review to what extent manual testing procedures used by CO-LaN can be automated

New CO-LaN website: target for bringing it on line is set to end of May 2016

Standards versioning: proposal by Management Board to be shared with Methods & Tools Special Interest Group for feedback

CAPE-OPEN 2016 Annual Meeting: possibility of holding it at Linde to be further investigated

2016 Consultancy Services Scheme: agreement to launch it if human resources available