COWAR (CAPE OPEN WAR) is the CAPE OPEN (CO) unit operation containing the equations of the WAR Algorithm.

The module is inserted in the process flowsheet, as any other unit operation (e.g. a heat exchanger, a reactor, a pump, etc.), with the aim of extracting all the necessary data requested for further calculations (flows, stream compositions, energy demand of the process, toxicological data). For a complete estimation of the environmental impact of an industrial plant, not only the chemical process, but also the energy process connected to the chemical process should be considered.

COWAR has been tested successfully using different process simulators such as: Aspen Plus, PRO/II, COFE.

Related publications:

A CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation for the Evaluation of Environmental Impact of a Chemical Process, by Letitia TOMA, Maurizio FERMEGLIA and Gennaro LONGO, presented at the CAPE-OPEN 2007 Annual Meeting, Heidelberg, March 2007.