On December 7, 2017, during its monthly conference call, CO-LaN Management Board reviewed the application  for Individual Associate Membership sent by Peter NELLEN. Votes by Board members not attending the December 7, 2017 conference call were subsequently secured, leading to unanimous approval of Peter NELLEN’s application.

Peter NELLEN was working for Shell in the Gas Processing group till December 2016. Peter is now self-employed. In the Gas Processing group he was responsible for the development of the CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation and the CAPE-OPEN Property Package for amine treating. The work was done in cooperation with Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM) and Mark STIJNMAN (Shell Global Solutions). Peter is well acquainted with developers of Chemsep, UniSim Design, PRO/II and ProMax. Peter brings CO-LaN his experience in developing CAPE-OPEN Process Modelling Components and putting them to use in a variety of Process Modelling Environments.

CO-LaN welcomes Peter NELLEN.