The Interoperability SIG met from 9 am till 10 am European Central Time.


Versioning of documents, documentation sets, IDL, type libraries, etc…


Malcolm WOODMAN, Michael HALLORAN (Contractor for CO-LaN), Michel PONS (Contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer)


  • Type library installers
    • AVEVA legal department has reviewed the OSL 3.0 license terms used for the CAPE-OPEN Type Library/PIA installers: they are happy to use merge modules under the current licence. To be mentioned to HTRI who had expressed concerns.
  • CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool (COLTT)
    • Following experiments run by Michel PONS, Michael HALLORAN is to re-build COLTT in latest version (2019) of Visual Studio Community Edition. The objective is to remove all warnings.
  • Code signing certificate
    • Still issues with downloading certificate from DigiCert: Malcolm WOODMAN to follow up.
  • Software testing and development support to CO-LaN

Next meeting of the Interoperability SIG is scheduled for September 11, 2019.


Any CO-LaN member with interest in the development of the set of software tools offered by CO-LaN is welcome to join. Please contact Malcolm WOODMAN, leader of the Interoperability SIG for further information.