The UNIT SIG held a conference call from 3:30 pm till 4:30 pm Central European Time.


Finalize request for publication of revised Petroleum Fractions interface specification. Agree on IDL corresponding to revised interface specification. Progress on developing compliance tests on Unit Operations.


AVEVA (represented by Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA), Bryan Research & Engineering (represented by Michael HLAVINKA), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Cesar PERNALETE (University of Ghent), Michel PONS (as CTO from CO-LaN, contractor). Apologies received from Shell (represented by Richard BAUR) and from ChemSep (represented by Harry KOOIJMAN).


There was no time to address the development of compliance tests for Unit Operations. Meeting focused on the Petroleum Fractions interface specification.

All members of the UNIT SIG have not yet approved the document requesting from CO-LaN Management Board the publication of the revised Petroleum Fractions interface specification. Reminders were made so that a prompt response may allow for the request to be made.

Confident in the ultimate approval of the publication by CO-LaN Management Board, UNIT SIG worked on the next step: readying the CAPE-OPEN IDL for a new distribution of platform-specific CAPE-OPEN Type Definitions (Type Libraries, Primary Interop Assemblies).

Starting from the textual version of the revised Petroleum Fractions interface specification, UNIT SIG developed a new version of the IDL file that lists the types used to create the CAPE-OPEN Type Library extension 1.1. Small modifications were brought here and there to the textual specification to reach a better consistency with other declarations in the IDL while having each helpstring in the IDL strictly identical to the description of the corresponding method in the textual specification.

The IDL obtained will be checked by UNIT SIG members before next meeting scheduled on March 8, 2023. A compilation of the IDL developed will also be made to check for errors since some additional “generic” CAPE-OPEN types may need to be added to the IDL for the compilation to succeed.


Picture of Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA), 2018.As Member of CO-LaN, should you want to join the UNIT Special Interest Group, please contact its leader, Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (representative of AVEVA). The charter of the UNIT Special Interest Group is to develop, maintain and promote unit operation interface specifications. Since the merger of the Refinery Reactors Special Interest Group in the UNIT Special Interest Group, activities have progressively focused on the revision of the Petroleum Fraction interface specification which is closely linked to the UNIT interface specification.