The UNIT SIG held a conference call today from 4:30 pm till 6:15 pm Central European Time.


Progress the revision of the Petroleum Fractions interface specification, especially on the list of petroleum properties for mixtures and compound.


Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (Schneider Electric), Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM), Michael HLAVINKA (Bryan Research & Engineering), Richard SZCZEPANSKI (KBC Advanced Technologies), Michel PONS (contractor for CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer)


No change made to the scope, requirements and use cases sections.

The SetPetroCompoundProp method of ICapeThermoPetroleumFractions interface is modified: it does not allow anymore setting the value of a Petroleum Property, Petroleum Fraction per Petroleum Fraction. It takes away the use of UNDEFINED for argument compID which is no longer necessary. This change is meant to increase readibility of the specification and to restrict the use of UNDEFINED to situations where the argument is really undefined. Similar change to GetPetroCompoundProp method of ICapeThermoPetroleumFractions interface.

Elimination of GetListPetroCompoundProp and of GetListPetroBulkProp of ICapeThermoPetroleumFractions interface in favor of GetPetroPropList which will return the list of identifiers for all Petroleum Properties supported by the PME, bulk and compound properties alike.

Creation of method GetPetroPropAttribute which will let the Ref-UNIT interrogate the PME on the attributes of a given Petroleum Property: internal basis in which the PME stores the Petroleum Property (may be mass, mole or volume or UNDEFINED), indication of support or not for mass, mole or volume basis for setting and getting the Petroleum Property, measurement method as defined by the organization standardizing such methods (ISO, ASTM, etc…), indication if the Petroleum Property is of bulk or individual Compound type.

Decision to simplify the table listing Petroleum Properties by eliminating the basis columns and reducing the number of Petroleum Properties (those mentioning the measurement method in their identifier may be eliminated).

Version 5.34 is the output of this conference call. Next conference call scheduled for November 21, 2017.


Picture of Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA), 2018.As Member of CO-LaN, should you want to join the UNIT Special Interest Group, please contact its leader, Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (representative of AVEVA). The charter of the UNIT Special Interest Group is to develop, maintain and promote unit operation interface specifications. Since the merger of the Refinery Reactors Special Interest Group in the UNIT Special Interest Group, activities have progressively focused on the revision of the Petroleum Fraction interface specification which is closely linked to the UNIT interface specification.