CO-LaN Management Board held its regular monthly meeting from 2 pm till 3:30 pm Central European Time.


  • Approval of February minutes
  • 2019 financial statements
  • Contracts for Software Services on Certification Self-test Suite
  • April 2020 face-to-face meeting
  • Corporate Associate Membership application
  • Actions Review
  • AOB



  • The February 2020 monthly Management Board minutes were approved without change.
  • Due to COVID-19, the planned April face-to-face meeting will be held remotely as two half-day sessions. The mornings of 28th and 29th April are reserved.
  • 2019 financial statements:
    • CTO and Philippe ARPENTINIER, representative of Air Liquide, CO-LaN Treasurer, are still auditing the financial statements. The 2019 deficit looks to be around 25k Euro, lower than expected.
    • The invoices corresponding to consultancy services delivered by AmsterCHEM to KBC, to HTRI and to Aspentech were approved for payment.
  • Contracts for Software Services:
    • The principle of a contract with MR Woodman Consulting Ltd to oversee the certification work has been approved. Oliver KOCH will discuss with Malcolm WOODMAN to establish the basis for this contract.
    • The template for the contracts with the software developers for the test-suite project development will be shared with the software developers to get their feedback.
  • Associate Membership application by University of Cape Town
    • The application was unanimously approved and Professor Klaus MÖLLER is welcome as the representative designated by the University of Cape Town.

Next meeting of the Management Board will be held on April 9, 2020.