CO-LaN Management Board held today its regular monthly meeting from 1:30 pm till 3 pm Central European Time.


  • Approval of December 2019 minutes
  • Associate member fee proposal
  • Interoperability Licence proposal


  • BASF (represented by Norbert ASPRION),
  • BP (represented by Kathryn YEARSLEY),
  • Linde (represented by Oliver KOCH),
  • Shell (represented by Richard BAUR),
  • Michel PONS (contractor as CTO),
  • Bryn STENHOUSE (contractor to CO-LaN).

Apologies for absence received from Air Liquide (represented by Philippe ARPENTINIER) and from DOW (represented by Michael BERGER).

December 2019 Minutes

Minutes were approved without any change.

Associate Member fee proposal

The meeting reviewed the feedback received so far from members about the membership fee proposal. It was agreed that the definitions of the associate membership fee groups should be simplified as follows:

  • Group A contains companies with more than 20 full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • Group B contains companies with 20 or fewer full-time equivalent (FTE) employees
  • Group C contains the remaining members.

The CO-LaN bylaws will need to be updated to reflect the new membership fee structure. This would be done in time for the 2020 AGM. Revised bylaws are to be agreed on at the next face-to-face meeting of the CO-LaN Management Board. CTO will continue to try to get a response to the proposal from the main software vendors. An email, for the CO-LaN membership, will be needed that summarises the main points of the membership feedback and the reasons why the management board have decided to stay with the proposed fee structure.