Logo of Reaction DesignReaction Design was founded by Dr. David Klipstein whose vision of extending the power of complex chemistry simulation to industrial markets would enable the industry to replace costly experimental processes with fast and accurate computer simulation software.

Reaction Design had its main office in San Diego, California.

Reaction Design joined CO-LaN on February 1, 2010 with Dr Tony GARRATT, Senior Numerical Analyst, as its representative.

At the AICHE 2012 Annual Meeting, within a session dedicated to CAPE-OPEN, Dr Tony GARRATT presented on a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation Software Component for Solving Chemkin Reactor Networks Inside Process Modeling Simulations. This presentation showed publicly the implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces conducted at Reaction Design.

On January 3, 2014 ANSYS announced having closed the acquisition of Reaction Design.

ANSYS being already a Corporate Associate Member of CO-LaN, the two memberships are joined into ANSYS membership in CO-LaN with Tony GARRATT as the representative of ANSYS as of September 2018.