On October 2, 2018 CO-LaN has been notified that Schneider Electric Software LLC is being substituted by AVEVA™ Group, plc as Corporate Associate Member in CO-LaN.

Dave BLUCK has been the representative of INVENSYS/Simsci and then of Schneider Electric in CO-LaN since CO-LaN was created. Dave has been a part time retiree/employee for a while and he has been progressively transferring his responsibilities. For many years now Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA has been the active person in areas of CAPE OPEN. Consequently Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA has been named as representative of AVEVA™ Group, plc in CO-LaN as of now.

Krishna Murthy is well known within CO-LaN, having led the UNIT SIG for many years and having attended many CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings presenting there both the activity reports of the UNIT SIG and updates on the CAPE-OPEN technology as implemented in PRO/II. Krishna Murthy was also the recipient of the CAPE-OPEN 2013 Award in recognition of his work on the Petroleum Fractions interface specification and its implementation.

CO-LaN welcomes Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA is his additional role within CO-LaN.