CO-LaN Management Board held its monthly meeting as a face-to-face meeting at Dow in Skopau (Germany).

Participants: Mick LEE (BP) by remote link, Isaiah HUANG (DOW), Michael BERGER (DOW), Oliver KOCH (Linde), Richard BAUR (Shell Global Solutions), Bryn STENHOUSE (CTO) by remote link

Points addressed:

CAPE-OPEN Wikipedia: authorized for publication by Management Board.

CAPE-OPEN Compliance Certification: proposal update by Oliver KOCH presented and discussed.

CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting: after analyzing answers received from software vendors regarding possibility to organize CAPE-OPEN Annual Meetings with vendors user meetings, this year meeting proposed at BP in Sunbury.

COBIA and quad precision: approval for COBIA design enabling easy and future handling of quad precision.

CO-LaN website: a number of pages and posts require updating as soon as possible.