Cover of Computer Aided Chemical Engineering volume 9Authors: Jean-Pierre BELAUD, Karim ALLOULA, Jean-Marc LE LANN, Xavier JOULIA

Affiliation: Laboratoire de Genie Chimique (LGC, UMR CNRS 5503), INPT – ENSIGCT, 18 Chemin de la loge, F-31078 Toulouse cedex 4, France

Reference: Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Volume 9, 2001, Pages 967-972

Abstract: “This chapter discusses the open software architectures for the next generation of Competence Assessment, Planning, & Evaluation (CAPE) tools. The CAPE-OPEN (CO) standard achieves true plug and play of industry business components in enterprise software. This chapter describes the development of numerical solvers for application within the scope of an open architecture framework. It also discusses the CO standard specification of numerical solvers. An overview on Numerical Services Provider (NSP) software is provided, and some process applications using the services from NSP are considered. A Process Modeling Environment (PME) application, which is compliant with the CO Numerical Solvers, uses the NSP to solve its process mathematical model. It relies on the CO architecture for CORBA system. It corresponds to the first stage and has to supply the Model and the ESO components to the NSP. This basic PME application illustrates the NSP component through three test cases.”

DOI: 10.1016/S1570-7946(01)80155-3

Comment: as the authors were especially involved in the specification of the CAPE-OPEN numerical interfaces within the CAPE-OPEN and Global CAPE-OPEN projects, they developed a software providing numerical services and implementing these CAPE-OPEN interfaces. This work was presented at ESCAPE 11, held in Kolding, Danemark on 27-30 May 2001.