Specifications News

12 JUL 2019

Deprecation of Thermo version 1.0

Focus on version 1.1 of CAPE-OPEN Thermodynamics

11 JUL 2019

Flowsheet Monitoring specification released

CAPE-OPEN standard expands

23 OCT 2017

Fix to CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing Tool v2.4

System file added to installation

17 JUL 2017

List of Named Values

Expanding functionality through Simulation Context

14 JUL 2016

Persistence Errata & Clarifications approved for release

Clarifies persistence related requirements for PMCs and PMEs

18 FEB 2016

Parameter Errata & Clarifications approved for release

Describes minimum support for array Parameters

Errata and Clarifications on Identification Common Interface

Complements Identification Common Interface specification

08 MAR 2014

Clarifications on Collection and Simulation Context

Clarifies rules of collections, new named values introduced

13 DEC 2012

Clarifications on Thermodynamic and Physical Properties 1.1

For all developers to read: discusses CheckEquilibriumSpec, SetMaterial, CalcEquilibrium methods as well as UNDEFINED type.

18 MAY 2011

Updated Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification v1.1

No change in design while many clarifications provided

18 MAY 2011

Updated Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interface specification v1.0

Revised Thermo 1.0 specification

04 MAR 2008

Errata and clarifications document for Thermo 1.0

Preliminary to revising the interface specification document

01 AUG 2001

Version 0.93 released

A new version of the CAPE-OPEN standard, i.e. version 0.9.3, has been released in August 2001.
The interface specification…

Developer Tools News

29 APR 2021

Structure of COBIA repository modified

Access to COBIA repository

23 APR 2021

COBIA released

Maintenance release

12 APR 2021

COBIA released

Maintenance release

18 MAR 2021

COBIA released

Ensuring compatibility between versions at installation

17 MAR 2021

Architectures for CAPE-OPEN applications

32-bit and 64-bit offers

15 MAR 2021

COBIA released

Transitioning from COM to COBIA

24 FEB 2021

COBIA released

Maintenance release of COBIA

23 DEC 2016

COLTT 2.4 released

Completely new 64-bit version of COLTT

27 JUL 2016

COLTT 2.3.1 released

Upgrade to Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 redistributables

05 JUL 2016

Type Libraries / Primary Interop Assemblies installers updated

Primary Interop Assemblies now included in distribution

02 JUL 2014

COLTT 2.2 released

Controller improved. Enhanced log file contents. Easier tracking of objects in the log file.

19 SEP 2011

Source code examples of CAPE-OPEN thermodynamic components

A starting point for Thermodynamic PMCs development

16 SEP 2011

COLTT 2.0 released

Features now a Viewer to display and parse through log files

30 NOV 2010

Visual Basic 6 and C++ source codes examples of Unit Operations released

Release to developers of CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation examples.

05 NOV 2009

COLTT 1.08 released

Refactoring achieved for an increased maintainability