On July 14, 2016, Management Board of CO-LaN approved the public release of a document providing errata and clarifications on the Persistence Common Interface specification.

The Errata and Clarifications document for the Persistence Common Interface specification 1.0 provides clarification on the use of the COM persistence interfaces in the context of CAPE-OPEN applications. The document provides background on COM persistence, clarifies the responsibilities of the PME and PMCs during persistence, enumerates what a PMC should save and restore, discusses the fall-back persistence procedure and defines the data types supported by IPropertyBag implementations.

History of document development: the core team (representatives from AmsterCHEM, Bryan Research & Engineering, US Environmental Proctection Agency) within the Methods &Tools Special Interest Group (M&T SIG) started work on the document in May 2015 and reached consensus on January 6, 2016 on a document gathering errata and clarifications pertaining to persistence. This document was submitted for review to a number of CO-LaN members. The comments received by end of February 2016 were collected, analyzed by the M&T SIG and answered to. Simultaneously, the M&T SIG modified the Persistence Errata and Clarifications document (final version on May 4, 2016) which was then submitted for public release to the Management Board.