Over a rather long period of time, the Thermodynamic Special Interest Group (Thermo SIG) has collected questions and issues about the CAPE-OPEN interface specification applicable to Physical Properties and Thermodynamics interfaces in version 1.0. These issues were raised by developers faced with some ambiguities or doubts about how to implement the specification. With the aim of helping developers, the Thermo SIG decided to formalize the answers that have been given and the discussions that have taken place so far.

The result is in the form of a PDF document (Outstanding_issues_1.0.8) that is downloadable besides the CAPE-OPEN Interface Specification for Physical and Thermodynamic Properties 1.0. The “errata and clarifications” document is dated from March 2008 and is at version 1.0.8. It is recommended that all developers read it together with the main specification document.

The “errata and clarifications” document is deemed to be updated with new input received. The Thermo SIG will keep you posted.