Logo of CO-LaN smallThe CAPE-OPEN Binary Interop Architecture (COBIA), is the next step in the evolution of CAPE-OPEN. COBIA is a CAPE-OPEN dedicated middleware applicable to any platform. Development tools to speed up implementation of COBIA-based CAPE-OPEN interoperability are also provided. CO-LaN makes available to its members the source code of COBIA through a repository controlled by SVN. COBIA binaries are offered for download to all.

In order to follow more closely the best practices recommended by Apache on SVN controlled repositories, CO-LaN has modified today the structure of the COBIA repository.

The changes will permit to easily tag each released version and to branch development, especially what concerns Phase III of COBIA development project.

As main consequence the URL to be used to check out COBIA code from the repository has changed and the access is now through this link.

Please update your files accordingly and do not hesitate to report any difficulty with access. Remember that all information related to COBIA can be found on the page dedicated to the development project.