The CAPE-OPEN Logging and Testing tool (COLTT) works with CAPE-OPEN Process Modeling Components (PMCs) and a CAPE-OPEN Process Modeling Environment (PME). COLTT’s role is to capture and record information about the interaction between a PME and a PMC (or a combination of PMCs) in a form that makes it easy to detect problems or potential problems. Applying the tool does not change the interaction between a PME and PMC(s).

Since version 2.4 of COLTT, COLTT is delivered both in a 32-bit and in a 64-bit version. This evolution towards 64-bit applications was reported in some details at the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting.

A defect was found in the COLTT 2.4 64 bits release, more precisely in the installation of that version: a system file was missing. A new build (333) corrects this issue. The fix has been checked and the new version of the installer for COLTT 2.4 64 bits is now available for download.

The previous build of the 64 bit version of COLTT 2.4 had been downloaded 50 times since making it available. Please report any issue found with COLTT as mentioned on COLTT Wiki page.