Over the second half of 2013, the Methods and Tools Special Interest Group has worked on clarifying the Collection Common Interface specification as well as the COSE Simulation Context Interface specification. This work led to two Errata and Clarifications documents which were reviewed within the CO-LaN organization. Following this process, the Management Board has authorized public release of these two documents on February 17, 2014.

The Errata and Clarifications document for Collection Common Interfaces specification explains several aspects of the Collection item property including the lower bound of the Collection index, case insensitiveness for item name matching and the behaviour to be implemented when the item requested cannot be obtained.

The Errata and Clarifications document for the Simulation Context COSE Interface specification 1.0 clarifies several aspects of the NamedValue list.

Both documents must be considered as supporting material to their corresponding specification documents. They have been developed in order to address issues raised by developers when implementing these interfaces or call these interfaces.