The Thermo Special Interest Group of CO-LaN has conducted over the last three years an extensive review of the specification document for version 1.0 of the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interfaces. After collecting the errata and clarifications in a separate document made available to all developers, a revision of the interface specification document has been elaborated. After conducting a request for comments (RFC) process, the revised document has been proposed to the CO-LaN Management Board for release approval.

On May 18, 2011 the CO-LaN Management Board has approved release of the revised interface specification document which is known as document in version 1.08.008. The document can now be found within the Documentation_set_1.0 and as a separate document (CO Thermo Version 1.08.008).

It is important to point out that the interface design has not been changed whatsoever: the IDL and the corresponding type library remain unchanged. Still many clarifications have been brought to the original document. Developers are especially asked to carefully read chapter 5 of the new document: it provides useful notes on how to implement the Thermodynamic and Physical Properties interfaces in version 1.0 of the CAPE-OPEN standard.

It is hoped that this new document will help developers implement more easily the corresponding interfaces so that the end-users enjoy an even better experience through CAPE-OPEN interfaces.