The DEXPI Group held today a face-to-face meeting at DECHEMA in Frankfurt and invited CO-LaN to present on CAPE-OPEN and possible areas of collaboration of CO-LaN with DEXPI.

Richard BAUR (Shell), Oliver KOCH (Linde Engineering), Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM) and Michel PONS (CO-LaN Chief Technology Officer) attended a conference call held within the DEXPI Group face-to-face meeting. This arrangement enabled Richard BAUR to deliver remotely a presentation outlining opportunities for collaboration between CO-LaN and DEXPI, as prepared in the virtual meeting held with Evonik on January 10.

As an outcome, Richard BAUR identified that exploiting dictionaries of engineering data should be straightforward within CAPE-OPEN as a means to bridge DEXPI and CAPE-OPEN. Process simulations can be seen and represented as a kind of virtual equipment which is itself valuable engineering data. Process simulations, looked as digital twins of actual plants, should be maintained throughout the life cycle of the plant like a heat exchanger or reactor is.

A deeper understanding by CO-LaN of what DEXPI is and by DEXPI of what CAPE-OPEN is, seems necessary to progress on many aspects, especially to let CO-LaN and DEXPI express how the envisioned opportunities can be developed into business cases.

Both parties have agreed to progress mutual understanding through regular conference calls with the objective to present possible common areas of development and their associated business cases at an upcoming DEXPI group monthly meeting.