address : 2596 HP The Hague
The Netherlands

Approval date : 30/1/2001

Shell was a founding member of CO-LaN in January 2001. Shell was represented initially by Hans PINGEN, then by Ray DICKINSON and nowadays by Richard BAUR.

Shell is President of CO-LaN since March 8, 2007 (position began with Ray DICKINSON as the representative of Shell).

Celeste COLANTONIO was leader of the UNIT Special Interest Group from 2003 till 2005.

February 2004: Celeste COLANTONIO and Hans PINGEN attended the 1st CAPE-OPEN European Conference in Skopau, Germany. Celeste COLANTONIO reported there on the UNIT Special Interest Group activities within year 2003.

Shell has hosted the CAPE-OPEN 2015 Annual Meeting at its facilities in Amsterdam.