Logo of ShellRay DICKINSON, representing Shell in CO-LaN, has announced today that Richard BAUR will succeed Marcel van MAASDAM as the leader of the UNIT Special Interest Group.

Richard has attended the CAPE-OPEN 2005 Annual Meeting held in Como, Italy and is well versed in CAPE-OPEN. Ray thanks Marcel for his contribution to the SIG as leader. Marcel will still be working in this area for Shell.

Marcel sent a farewell message where he stated his “great interest, enthusiasm and very warm heart towards CO-LAN” . He also mentioned that CO-LaN is “lucky with Richard as the new UNIT SIG leader” and that they both “had very fruitful and passionate discussions related to CAPE-OPEN projected on the work we’re doing at the moment.”. Finally Marcel thanked Richard “for taking over and for the enormous amount of enthusiasm you bring with you.”