Picture of Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA (AVEVA), 2018.by Krishna Murthy PENUKONDA, Schneider Electric and leader of the UNIT SIG.

Presented at the CAPE-OPEN 2014 Annual Meeting on September 10, 2014 in Mörfelden, Germany.

The UNIT Special Interest Group is meeting once a month. In between meetings, the SIG is progressing the Errata and Clarifications document mentioned hereafter.

UNIT Special Interest Group has been working on an Errata and Clarifications document for the UNIT interface specification (version Errata_UO1.0_1.0.0010 is current). Input from various CO-LaN members has been sought and obtained in order to improve the document. Recent comments have still to be taken into account. This document clarifies the flow of events of three Use Cases (Check Unit, Save Flowsheet and Retrieve Flowsheet), gives rules for zero flows in Material Objects, expands the range of report formats, and makes recommendations about the Ports.

The UNIT Special Interest Group has started work on the Petroleum Fractions interface specification. As a first step input has been requested from parties not usually present in the UNIT SIG activities (KBC Advanced Technologies, Aspentech, Honeywell, PDVSA). Input from PDVSA has been received.