Picture of Bjorn MARIBO-MOGENSEN, representative of Hafnium LabsLogo of Hafnium Labs as thumbnailAt the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting, Dr. Bjørn MARIBO-MOGENSEN, co-founder of Hafnium Labs, disclosed Q-props, a new software application that he demonstrated as a system for managing physical property uncertainty in process simulation.

Bjørn got his PhD from Technical University of Denmark on the development of an electrolyte CPA equation of state for which he received in 2015 the EFCE Excellence Award in Thermodynamics and Transport Properties. He worked as a Physical Property Specialist at Linde Engineering before founding Hafnium Labs in 2016. At DTU/CERE he also served as representative in CO-LaN and developed there a new software solution, ThermoSystem v4 that consists of a new CAPE-OPEN 1.0 and 1.1 compatible C# library and a robust core thermodynamic library (built in FORTRAN). Bjørn has served on the Thermodynamic SIG for a number of years now.