This report was given as a presentation within the 5th CAPE-OPEN US Conference held on November 19, 2008 in Philadelphia, US. Ignasi PALOU-RIVERA, leader of the Refinery Reactors Special Interesr Group (SIG) gave the presentation.

The charter of this Special Interest Group states as its goals:Revise and develop the necessary CAPE-OPEN interface standards for the use of Refinery Reactor models in Process Modelling Environments

The talk focuses in two aspects of the SIG’s work:

* Current Status: What has the group accomplished so far and what remains to be done until the initial objectives are accomplished?

* Future Perspectives: What do we want to do and accomplish after 2008? The initial SIG objectives should be accomplished and the prototypes working. Obviously these accomplishments should be pushed forward and the prototypes should be converted into commercial implementations. But, what else? There are a number of topics that look very attractive: defining and prototyping the “crude characterization” component, extensions into the Equation Oriented world to better support optimization applications, etc…