AIChE2008The 5th CAPE-OPEN US Conference was held within the AIChE 2008 Annual meeting. The 5th CAPE-OPEN US Conference took place on November 19, 2008 at the Philadelphia Marriott & Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA. Three sessions were set up within the 5th CAPE-OPEN US Conference: a general session on current status and future of CAPE-OPEN, one session on experiences with CAPE-OPEN and one session arranged as an interoperability workshop.

Session #397: CAPE-OPEN current status and future – up to 26 attending.

  • 397a: CO-LaN actions in 2008 and Perspectives for 2009 by Ray Dickinson, CO-LaN President
  • 397b: Status and Future Perspectives of the Refinery Reactors SIG by Ignasi Palou-Rivera, BP Refining Technology
  • 397c: Flowsheet Monitoring – How, what and why? by Jasper van Baten, AmsterCHEM
  • 397d: CAPE-OPEN Unit Development with CAPE-OPEN Studio .Net by Prof. Maurizio Fermeglia, Università degli Studi di Trieste
  • 397e: Using .Net CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations in an Applied Process Simulation Course, by Prof. Peyton Richmond, Lamar University
  • 397f: GLCC CAPE-OPEN compliant Unit Operation, by Mathieu Gassies, formerly from TOTAL

Session #476: Experiences with CAPE-OPEN interfaces – up to 25 attending.

  • 476a: Petro-SIM Simulator and CAPE-OPEN: Experiences and Successes by Mike Aylott, KBC Advanced Technologies
  • 476b: PRO/II Progress with CAPE-OPEN by Joseph McMullen, Invensys Process Systems
  • 476c: Development of a CAPE-OPEN 1.0 socket by Georges Heyen, Belsim SA
  • 476d: A COMSOL interface to CAPE-OPEN Compliant Physical and Thermodynamic Property Packages, by Henrik von Schenk, COMSOL AB
  • 476e: Status and Implementation of a CAPE-OPEN Thermo Interface in the Polymer Kinetics Package PREDICI by Michael Wulkow, CiT
  • 476f: New Implementation of CAPE-OPEN Thermo 1.1 in ProSim’s Software by Olivier Baudoin, ProSim SA

Session #525: CAPE-OPEN interoperability workshop – up to 10 attending.

A CAPE-OPEN dinner was organized as a side-event on November 19 evening with 18 people attending.