Picture of Jasper van BATEN, AmsterCHEM. 2020
Jasper van BATEN
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At the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting, Dr Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM) presented (PDF, 318 Kbytes) the activity report of the Thermo Special Interest Group (SIG) over the period from October 2021 till September 2020. The report was prepared by the core group of the Thermo SIG, especially with Dr Sergej BLAGOV (BASF), who is co-leader of the Thermo SIG with Dr Jasper van BATEN.

First Jasper presents the new version of the charter of the Thermo SIG. Then Jasper presents the outcome of the Request For Comments launched in 2021 on the Chemical Reactions interface specification. Next the current (draft) design of the ICapeManager interface specification is detailed.

The recording of the presentation is made available from the CAPE-OPEN YouTube channel, within the playlist dedicated to presentations made at the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting.