Logo of CO-LaN smallWithin the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting, Malcolm WOODMAN, as leader of the Interoperability Special Interest Group (Interop SIG) in his capacity of Associate Member of CO-LaN, delivers a presentation (PDF, 160 Kbytes) describing the activities of the Interop SIG over the period from October 2021 till September 2022.

Malcolm goes through the Charter of the SIG as approved by CO-LaN Management Board, then about the membership in the Interop SIG, before describing the work process followed.

Malcolm next describes the joint work with the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group on the versioning protocol and on the delivery of test documentation corresponding to the Identification Common interface specification.

Focus is next on the development of the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite that Interop SIG oversees. Version is now available following the resolution of issues pointed out during testing by software vendors. Other issues and enhancements have been logged but not yet addressed. While tests on implementation of the Identification Common interface specification have now been included, only a partial documentation and implementation of tests on Property Packages has been conducted.

Finally Malcolm lists the plans for 2022/2023 within the Interoperability SIG. They include the delivery of CAPE-OPEN Test Suite 1.2.1 that will address all currently open tickets and next the delivery of CAPE-OPEN Test Suite 1.2.1 that will complete compliance testing of Property Packages.


Within the CAPE-OPEN 2022 Annual Meeting playlist, a recording of this presentation is available on the CAPE-OPEN YouTube channel.