Logo of FOCAPO 2003 confeencePicture of Michel PONSWithin FOCAPO 2003, Michel PONS ran a presentation (PDF, 5282 Kbytes) on the CAPE-OPEN standard and CO-LaN during the poster session on Information Systems.

It helped in communicating toward the 150 participants of the conference. The intent is to highlight the benefits brought by CAPE-OPEN to the end-users in the process industry, to process simulation software vendors as well as to academics. It also describes how CO-LaN is operating, especially after the change of governance that occurred in 2002.

The presentation covers:

  • What CAPE-OPEN permits: recorded demos, examples of use,…
  • What the standard is: Process Modelling Components, Process Modelling Environments, list of CAPE-OPEN interface specifications
  • What is CO-LaN: needs fulfilled by the organization, governance, members, missions
  • How you can use CAPE-OPEN: Specifications, Cookbook, Software testers, Wizards, Newsletter, Component Catalogue, Network of Experts
  • Conclusion: significant results obtained, commercial implementations available, proven technology, major benefits already (Unit / Thermo)