Picture of Michel PONSCAPE-WP_logoIn his capacity of invited delegate to the CAPE Working Party of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Michel PONS, CO-LaN Chief Technology Officer, participated today in the Workshop on Modelling organized in Barcelona, Spain.

Michel PONS made a presentation on the impact of CAPE-OPEN standards on modelling activities. After thanking the Working Party for its recent endorsement of CAPE-OPEN and CO-LaN, Michel PONS presented some highlights of the 2nd US Annual CAPE-OPEN meeting. He then emphasized through three examples how CAPE-OPEN technology can be helpful to modelling:

Simulis Thermodynamics server (from ProSim SA) linking MATLAB to CAPE-OPEN Property Packages thus enabling the use of rigorous thermodynamics in MATLAB.

gPROMS Model Builder (from Process Systems Enterprise Ltd) with its feature of exporting automatically models as CAPE-OPEN compliant unit operation components, immediately usable in a number of CAPE-OPEN compliant process simulators.

– IPOPT, an NLP solver recently made CAPE-OPEN compliant at Carnegie Mellon University. It makes the solver readily pluggable in applications exhibiting the CAPE-OPEN MINLP socket. Consequently it allows to apply state-of-the-art algorithm without any further source code development.

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