Following a kick-off meeting in Chicago June 20-21, 2006 a new Special Interest Group (SIG) has been formed: the Refinery Reactors SIG. Its charter for 2006 has been approved. The SIG will revise and develop the necessary CAPE-OPEN interface standards for the use of Refinery Reactor models in Process Modelling Environments. Ignasi PALOU-RIVERA (BP) has been designated as leader of the Refinery Reactors SIG.

The meeting gathered representatives from Shell Global Solutions International BV, Fantoft Process Technologies AS, SimSci-ESSCOR, Honeywell Process Solutions, AspenTech and BP Refining Technology as well as CO-LaN CTO.

Shell emphasized the importance of standard interfaces for refinery reactors:

  • Why Refinery Reactors?

Thermo – Simulation Vendor, In-house and 3rd party

Non-conversion Unit Operations – Simulation Vendor, In-house and 3rd party

Conversion Unit Operations – Simulation Vendor, In-house and 3rd party




               Refinery Inspection Properties

               Blend Refinery Inspection Properties

               Crude Assays

  • Speed

Deployment of new releases, of any and all components

Developing new releases

  • Simplicity

Support, more effective use of helpdesk


Minimise development of specific interfaces and versions

  • Standardisation

Re-use of IP in multiple environments

Promote in-house standardisation

Single source for multiple applications