Logo of CO-LaN smallCO-LaN Management Board has reviewed the charter of the HYDRO Special Interest Group and has approved today its plans and deliverables for 2010. Within CO-LaN, the HYDRO Special Interest Group (HYDRO SIG) is in charge of developing the hydrodynamic interface specification.

The key responsibilities of the HYDRO SIG include the management of the hydrodynamic interface specification, the development of prototypes to prove the applicability of the standards, the contact with organizations and companies that may have an interest in hydrodynamic interfaces.

In 2009 the HYDRO SIG has completed the development of use cases and concept definition: multiphase flow within a pipe element is described in terms of layer, of field and of phase with their properties as flow regime, field velocity, wall shear stress, inter-field shear stress, pressure loss. The hydrodynamic interface has been designed and reported in an interim specification document.

The HYDRO SIG deliverables for 2010 are first a didactic document to promote the utility of the hydrodynamic standard, then a consolidated interface specification document with the main scenarii of usage. The HYDRO SIG will also focus its work on prototypes. A scope of work will be developed for the prototypes and then the prototypes (plug and socket) will be made.

The HYDRO SIG is currently under the leadership of Dr Martin Gainville from IFP. The HYDRO SIG current members are representatives from Infochem, Kongsberg Oil and Gas Technology, RSI, SINTEF, SPT Group and TOTAL.