Logo of FOCAPD 2019The Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design (FOCAPD) is an international conference series focusing on the fundamentals and applications of computer-aided design for the process industries.

Held every five years, FOCAPD 2019 is the ninth in this series, and brings together researchers, educators and practitioners. CAPE-OPEN was somehow initiated within FOCAPD 1994 by Peter BANKS and Hans-Horst MAYER while CAPE-OPEN was discussed at FOCAPD 2009.

Held at Copper Mountain Resort, Colorado, FOCAPD 2019 features presentations by invited speakers and poster sessions.

Among the invited speakers, Associate Professor Thomas A. ADAMS II from McMaster University proposed the development of a standardized methodology for eco-techno-economic analyses that would interface with existing standards such as CAPE-OPEN.

Professor ADAMS is known for his appreciation of CAPE-OPEN such as in his on-line book on how to learn Aspen Plus in 24 hours or when he advocated at FOCAPD 2014 “the integration of process simulation software with LCA software” which would be helped by the existence of CAPE-OPEN.