Cover of volume 47 of Computer-Aided Chemical EngineeringAuthor: Thomas A. ADAMS II

Affiliation: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Reference:  Thomas A. Adams, Maximizing Our Impact: A Call for The Standardization Of Techno-Economic Analyses For Sustainable Energy Systems Design Research, Editor(s): Salvador Garcia Muñoz, Carl D. Laird, Matthew J. Realff,Computer Aided Chemical Engineering, Elsevier, Volume 47, 2019, Pages 359-364, ISSN 1570-7946, ISBN 9780128185971,

Abstract: “The literature is rich with interesting process design concepts, innovative ideas, and diverse approaches to designing energy systems within a sustainability mindset. However, there is no standard way of performing “eco-techno-economic” analyses in such a way that the results of different studies can be directly compared against each other in a meaningful way without significant effort. This makes it difficult to decide which process concepts are the best choices for further research, development, and investment. Therefore, I propose the development of a standardized methodology for eco-techno-economic analyses…


The analysis made of CAPE-OPEN relies too much on the assumption that CAPE-OPEN offers a data model while it is first of all an object model that enables applications to interact rather than share data. However CO-LaN is leading in the direction of techno-economic analyses with the Flowsheet Monitoring interface specification and with the development of an additional interface specification for currency and currency conversion support.