Associate_Member_CO-LaNv2CO-LaN Management Board is pleased to announce that a new individual Associate Member, Dean LATHAM, has joined CO-LaN following approval of his membership application on September 12, 2013.

Dean LATHAM has a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. His Master’s thesis, defended in December 2008, was titled “Mathematical Modelling of an Industrial Steam Methane Reformer”. Dean spent 3 years working in the industrial gas industry and he currently works in the steel making industry. His employment has exposed him to a variety of chemical process simulators including Aspen Plus, Unisim Design and gPROMS. He also has programming experience with Microsoft VB.NET, Microsoft Visual Basic 6, FORTRAN and MATLAB.

Dean is still affiliated with Queen’s University through the TEAM program. TEAM is a program where groups of 4th year students undertake engineering projects submitted by industrial sponsors. Dean worked with students developing unit operation models and he is interested in CAPE OPEN because it provides the opportunity to make these projects accessible to other clients.

Welcome to CO-LaN!