Logo of AmsterCHEMRichard BAUR representative of Shell within CO-LaN, and as president of CO-LaN, signed today a contract with AmsterCHEM (who signed it on March 24, 2016) in order to produce the following deliverables of COBIA Phase I:

  1. C++ interface definitions for CAPE-OPEN Thermo 1.1 thermodynamic and basic data types,
  2. basic data type implementation,
  3. C++ stub code for a Property Package Manager (PPM) and thermodynamic consuming Process Modelling Environment (PME),
  4. functionality for registering COBIA components (API definition, interfaces, stub code),
  5. a registry provider,
  6. functionality for enumeration of Process Modelling Components (PMCs) (API definition, interfaces, stub code),
  7. the CAPE-OPEN base class,
  8. an Ideal Thermodynamic Property Package Manager,
  9. a test thermodynamic PME (including Material Object and ICapeDiagnostics) consuming PMCs.

Deliverables allow COM PMEs to use PPM implementations of COBIA, including the provided test implementation of a PPM (runs using CAPE-OPEN Thermo 1.1). Deliverables enable PMEs implementing COBIA to use COM PMCs (including the ability to exercise existing COM 1.1 Property Package Manager from the test PME created). The Methods and Tools Special Interest Group of CO-LaN, under the leadership of William BARRETT from the US Environmental Protection Agency, is responsible for verifying the deliverables. The Methods and Tools Special Interest Group of CO-LaN will report its evaluation to CO-LaN Management Board.

The deliverables will be demonstrated at the CAPE-OPEN 2016 Annual Meeting.