Logo of AmsterCHEMAmsterCHEM has announced today the release of a new version of its process simulation and modelling suite COCO.

The installation package includes ChemSep 8.01 which, as announced at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting, features dividing wall columns.

As mentioned by AmsterCHEM in its release note, COCO version 3.3 features:

  • enhanced logging functionality for failed unit operation evaluations to assess flowsheet initialization issues,
  • the ability to include unit operation reports into tooltip,
  • the ability to copy the unit operation and stream summary (tooltip) to the clipboard,
  • new tooltip info object that can be embedded into flowsheet,
  • 5 new temperature dependent equations in TEA,
  • updated PCD files (including new ChemSep2.pcd with additional compounds),
  • updated binary interaction parameter sets,
  • the ability to update compound molecular weights from a given property package,
  • clearer work flow on editing unit operations,
  • the ability to measure heat capacity Cp from Measure Unit,
  • various improvements to the flash unit and to the flashing of product streams of other units,
  • multiple feed ports (implicit mixer) to flash unit.

COCO implements many CAPE-OPEN interfaces, even draft versions like the Flowsheeting Monitoring early version.