At the CAPE-OPEN 2021 Annual Meeting, CO-LaN demonstrated the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite and asked which CO-LaN members would like to evaluate how the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite integrates with their development and testing processes.

ChemSep, Linde, HTRI, ProSim and SINTEF expressed publicly their willingness to perform an evaluation. CO-LaN thanks these Associate Members for their commitment.

CO-LaN has committed resources to bring the version demonstrated on October 27, 2021 to a level that enables distribution to and test by 3rd parties. The beta version of this update was demonstrated remotely to Linde, HTRI, ProSim and SINTEF on February 6, 2022. Some of the comments made then led to additional enhancements brought to the version which is now ready for release as of today.

CO-LaN expects the reviewers to evaluate if the architecture given to the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite permits the integration in a variety of development and testing environments. The CAPE-OPEN Test Suite does not yet perform a complete set of tests on CAPE-OPEN Process Modelling Components. Most of the tests embedded so far in the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite are targeting CAPE-OPEN Property Packages. Still a skeleton of tests have been incorporated for CAPE-OPEN Unit Operations.

The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group is actively working on developing a template for specifying tests. The Identification Common interface specification is used as a basis for developing such a template.

While bringing the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite from a demonstration prototype to a beta release version, CO-LaN has identified several issues that needs to be dealt with before the 1st version of the CAPE-OPEN Test Suite can be officially released to the CO-LaN membership. Resolution of these issues will be carried out while the review by ChemSep, Linde, HTRI, ProSim and SINTEF is taking place.