Picture of Bill BARRETT (US EPA representative) in December 2018Logo of 2020 AIChE Annual MeetingThe 2020 AIChE Annual Meeting is virtually held starting November 16, 2020.

Dr Bill BARRETT from US Environmental Protection Agency and leader of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group of CO-LaN will present on the CAPE-OPEN Binary Interop Architecture (COBIA) as paper 173h in session Advances in Process Design I.

Co-authors are Jasper van Baten, AmsterCHEM, Michel Pons, CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network, and Michael W. Hlavinka, Bryan Research and Engineering, LLC.

The paper is summarized as follows: “The CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network (CO-LaN) has developed the CAPE-OPEN Binary Interop Architecture (COBIA), a source-available Application Programming Infrastructure (API) and middleware platform purpose-built for use in chemical process simulation applications. COBIA updates the capabilities of CAPE-OPEN by replacing Microsoft’s Component Object Model (COM). This cross-platform standardized binary API has multiple advantages including simplified architecture for development of chemical process simulation components, improves performance, and enhances CAPE-OPEN’s plug-and-play architecture, readily integrating third-party simulation components such as unit operations and thermodynamic models into process modeling environments, and enables CAPE-OPEN applications on non-Windows platforms. This presentation will describe COBIA, provide an overview of implementing CAPE-OPEN process modeling components for use in process simulation, and discuss the current state of COBIA implementation in process simulation tools.

This paper comes at the very moment where Phase II of COBIA development project has been successfully completed as recognized at the CAPE-OPEN 2020 Annual Meeting.