The Interoperability SIG met from 9 am till 10:45 am European Central Time.


Issue encountered with CAPE-OPEN type libraries installers, proposal of self-certification tool


Malcolm WOODMAN, Michael HALLORAN, Michel PONS


The Interop SIG has recently been made aware of an installation of a commercial software stopping when installing a CAPE-OPEN PIA on the target machine. The SIG is in the early stages of the investigation, having received installation logs showing the failure happening on some machines and not others. A test installer has also been provided to CO-LaN by the software vendor. Tests run today have been partly unconclusive since the failure was not re-iterated. The Interop SIG makes resolving the issue a high priority since the willingness of software vendors to make use of the installation files provided by CO-LaN has to be backed seriously in order for end-users to have a better experience with CAPE-OPEN based interoperability.

Malcolm WOODMAN reported on discussions held with CO-LaN Management Board on the development of a CAPE-OPEN certification tool. Malcolm WOODMAN will engage consultations with various parties (software vendors and software developers) to present a workable solution to the Management Board.

Next conference call is scheduled for June 14, 2018.


Any CO-LaN member with interest in the development of the set of software tools offered by CO-LaN is welcome to join. Please contact Malcolm WOODMAN, leader of the SIG () for further information.