The Methods & Tools Special Interest Group met on May 12, 2021 starting from 5 pm till 6:30 pm Central European Time.


COBIA distribution – COBIA repository structure – Report Common interface specification


U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (represented by Bill BARRETT), AmsterCHEM (represented by Jasper van BATEN), Bryan Research & Engineering (represented by Michael HLAVINKA),  Michel PONS (contractor to CO-LaN as Chief Technology Officer).


Discussed the various use cases for the distribution of the COBIA Runtime MSI: consensus reached is that distribution of this MSI remains necessary.

The new structure of the COBIA source repository was presented: it follows SVN best practices for enabling proper tagging of versions released. Methods & Tools Special Interest Group decided to create a “branches” folder at the top of the repository to hold there code pertaining to COBIA Phase III.

Within COBIA Phase III: while no formal design of the marshalling interfaces was yet presented by AmsterCHEM, a discussion took place on what is the functionality expected of these interfaces. A formal design is expected by the end of May, so that it may be reviewed by the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group at the beginning of June.

Mostly to facilitate reporting of images by a PMC through the Reporting Common interface as defined in CAPE-OPEN 1.2 (current COBIA-based version of the CAPE-OPEN standard), four new named values have been defined: height (pixels), width (pixels), resolution (dots per meter), text encoding (UTF-8 / UTF-16). A detailed description of each of these named values (to be supported by COSE Simulation Context) will be proposed and reviewed at the next Methods & Tools SIG meeting with the objective of publishing them.

Next meeting of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group is scheduled for May 19.


Picture of Bill BARRETT (US EPA representative) in December 2018Contact Bill BARRETT (representative of US Environmental Protection Agency, leader of the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group) should you wish to join the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group. Its charter is: “Improve integration, and expand utilization of Computer-Aided Process Engineering (CAPE) applications within the enterprise through identification and resolution of existing cross-cutting issues with the CAPE-OPEN platform, develop mechanisms for use of CAPE within other application domains, and incorporate advances in information technology into the CAPE-OPEN platform.”