UniSim Design R360 is used. The gO:CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation is at version 3.0.0. This video was provided by Honeywell Inc. during the 3rd CAPE-OPEN European Conference.


The model of a simple vapor-liquid separator is developing in gPROMS and exported as a gO:CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation. A vapor-liquid separator of UniSim Design generic library is replaced within an HDA process Flowsheet by the gO:CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation, the Unit Operation is configured and the Flowsheet is run.



CO-LaN is not making any recommendation about usage of either software demonstrated here. Neither CO-LaN is providing any guaranty that these two pieces of software will perform adequately through CAPE-OPEN interfaces in all circumstances. The result of this test is provided solely for demonstration purposes.

Date: March 9, 2006