Versions of software in use

Multiflash is at version 3.7 (MF_CAPEOPEN.dll version)

ChemCAD is used.



A material Stream is flashed under the conditions described below:


The MultiFlash Property Package is used as a CAPE-OPEN Property Package under version 1.0 of the CAPE-OPEN standard.





To check that the material stream has been properly flashed using Multiflash, a flash calculation is performed within COFE under the very same conditions using the same MultiFlash Property Package. Some results are presented in the table below.

Pressure                                     1 bar

Temperature                             25°C

Flowrate                                 1 mole/sec

Mole fraction WATER                0.8

Mole fraction ETHANOL           0.2

Enthalpy (result)              -37643.504 kcal/hr

Molar vapor fraction (result)       0



CO-LaN is not making any recommendation about usage of either software demonstrated here. Neither CO-LaN is providing any guaranty that these two pieces of software will perform adequately through CAPE-OPEN interfaces in all circumstances. The result of this test is provided solely for demonstration purposes.


Date: July 7, 2008