Enabling certification of software implementing CAPE-OPEN interfaces has been prioritized by CO-LaN Management Board and discussed with the CO-LaN membership at the CAPE-OPEN 2016 Annual Meeting as well as at the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Annual Meeting. Based on the feedback received, CO-LaN Management Board has decided to go ahead with the following step.

On June 20, 2018, CO-LaN has contracted MR Woodman Consulting Ltd  to conduct a number of actions leading to the creation of a  Certification Special Interest Group. Completion of these actions is targeted for end of 2018.

Malcolm WOODMAN will:

  • develop the Charter for the new Certification SIG, in conjunction with the Business Steering Group consisting of a representative of the CO-LaN Management Board, a major PME vendor, a vendor of both PME and PMC and a major PMC (only) vendor,
  • establish the Certification Technical Steering Group gathering a representative of CO-LaN Management Board, the Interoperability Special Interest Group and independent CAPE-OPEN developers,
  • commission the development of an initial prototype for a self-certification tester suite for one CAPE-OPEN interface,
  • define strategic plans for establishment of the Certification Special Interest Group.