Methods & Tools SIG held a conference call from 5 pm till 6:10 pm Central European Time.

Participants: Bill BARRETT (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency), Jasper van BATEN (AmsterCHEM), Michael HLAVINKA (Bryan Research & Engineering), Michel PONS

Agenda: Review the interface specification document

Outcome: It appears that the design is now frozen, at least prior to a final review to be conducted by the CO-LaN members (but not yet launched). A few minor adjustments have been made to the descriptions of the Use Cases as well as to the detailed description of each method. Version 1.52 of the document has been created following this conference call and will be reviewed / modified by the M&T SIG core group till the next conference call scheduled mid-July 2017. Mainly description of various scenarios as to which interfaces and methods they exercize is further needed (there is only one scenario included in the document so far). It is also necessary to address the modifications of the existing prototypes such as COFE as a PME, TERNHYP and WAR as Flowsheet Monitoring Components.


Contact Bill BARRETT ( if you want to join the Methods & Tools Special Interest Group and the collaborative work on Flowsheet Monitoring interface specification.