Cover of volume 146 of Chemical Engineering Research and Design journalAuthors: J. ZHOU, H.A. KOOIJMAN, R. TAYLOR

Affiliation: Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Clarkson University, Potsdam, NY 13676, United States

Reference: Zhou J., Kooijman H.A. & Taylor R. (2019). A rate-based equation-oriented parallel column model: Application to dividing wall columns. Journal of Chemical Engineering Research and Design, vol. 146, pp. 48-59.

Abstract: “This paper describes a rate-based parallel column model, which, via the CAPE-OPEN frame-work, can be used in any CAPE-OPEN compliant process flowsheet simulation package andcan be used to model dividing wall columns of arbitrary configuration. Heat transfer acrossthe dividing wall can be modelled in a straightforward way. Vapour split ratios are deter-mined during the solution of the model equations by requiring the pressure on both sidesof the dividing wall(s) to be equal…”

Comments: This paper is a sequel to a first article published in Computers & Chemical.Engineering by the same authors on automated simulation of dividing wall columns with equilibrium stages.The authors are stressing out that the model they propose is available in ChemSep which can be used as a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation in any process simulator featuring a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation socket. Harry KOOIJMAN made a presentation on ChemSep used for simulating dividing wall columns at the CAPE-OPEN 2018 Annual Meeting where ChemSep, as an organization, was honored with the CAPE-OPEN 2017 Award, recognizing the long and sustained support of CAPE-OPEN at ChemSep.