Cover page of Separation and Purification Technology journalAuthors: Simon PICAUD-VANNEREUX¹, Florence LUTIN², Eric FAVRE¹, Denis ROIZARD¹


¹LRGP-CNRS, Université de Lorraine, 1 Rue Grandville, 54001 Nancy, France

²EURODIA INDUSTRIE, ZAC Saint Martin, Impasse Saint Martin, 84120 Pertuis, France

Reference: Picaud-Vannereux, S., Lutin, F., Favre, E., & Roizard, D. (2020). Energy efficiency of membrane vs hybrid membrane/cryogenic processes for propane recovery from nitrogen purging vents: A simulation study. Separation and Purification Technology, 240.


The paper reports on a study of a hybrid process to recover, during flushing by nitrogen, propane contained in pipelines or storage tankers: a standard cryogenic process, but energy-expensive, is coupled to a membrane process. Rigorous process simulations are performed in Aspen Plus® using MEMSIC, a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation developed at LRGP as a membrane module model. Membrane modules are not often found in libraries of unit operations provided with process simulators. MEMSIC fills this gap.